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Harvester Muzzleloading


Les from IN

Monday, 22 August 2016 14:19

Those Crush Rib Sabots are NICE. I'll never use any other. Easily half as much force to push down the barrel.

What amazed me is that all the sabots ended up in about a 3ft area 12-15 yards in front of me. I've only ever found a few TC or Hornady sabots, granted I never went looking for them, nor did I go looking for your sabots either. But it’s was hard not to see them all laying there together in the grass.

The Scorpion PT Gold shot the first 3 cutting one hole with 90gr at 50yds, moved out to 100yd, shot 2 almost same hole. . So I quit there. --- Les from Bloomingdale, IN