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Harvester Muzzleloading


Carlos from NM

Monday, 24 June 2013 10:27

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I am proud to tell you that we have harvested our first animal using Harvester bullets and sabots a few days ago.  My 12 year old son Lucas Madril shot this nice 5x5 elk using the 300 grain PT Scorpion bullets and crush rib sabots.  The rifle used was a TC .50 Cal Omega.  The bull was harvested on his first bull hunt, during the youth elk hunt here in southwest New Mexico.  My son and myself had several opportunities at other bulls but none presented adequate shots.  This bull was called out of his bed with a bugle from a saddle.  I bugled once from the saddle and the bull responded with a typical half hearted bugle from his afternoon bed.  We quickly set up on the other side of the saddle to attempt to call him in with cow calls.  After a few cow calls the bull quickly responded and was at the saddle in a minute or so.  As the bulked through the saddle I stopped him with another cow call.  He stopped broad side in the saddle which presented my son with a nice 60 yard shot.  The Omega roared and the bullet hit its mark with a double lung shot.  We watched the elk bed down on other side of the canyon and soon after expire.   With the bull down this marked the end the end of an awesome hunt and the beginning of congrats, high fives galore and a very happy young man with a smile from ear to ear. Awesome product at an affordable price! --- Carlos from Socorro, NM