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Rick from AL

Your bullet/sabot combination is awesome and devastating on deer.  They are very accurate from my gun and have tremendous knockdown on the animal. I am very impressed with the bullets and sabots and look forward to purchasing more in the future to support my muzzleloader hunting endeavors.  Great customer support I might add and I will definitely be doing more business and spreading the word to my buddies.  Thanks again for the great products and friendly customer support. --- Rick from Rogersville, AL

Joshua from NY

Joshua from NY

This is from my first time using / sighting in with 300 grain PT Gold. The only reason to keeping it because of how amazed my groups were this is at 100 yards. Like I said, amazing product you have here, pretty sure I won't be using any other bullet for a while! --- Joshua from Elmira, NY

Jim from WA

Jim Nelson


Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the performance of the Scorpion PT Gold bullet.  I used it for the first time this season with an 120 gr charge of 777.

In September I killed a mule deer buck with it with tremendous results.

Also, I killed my largest bull elk ever with the same load.  At 65 yards the bull dropped in his tracks!!  I was not able to recover the bullet.

Just a satisfied customer letting you know how happy I am with your bullets.  Up to now I have always used the Harvester 330 gr hard cast and it has always performed well on all my deer.

This is my first muzzle loader elk kill and I couldn't be happier. --- Jim from Pomeroy, WA

Roger from MI

I have found that the CR sabots perform above the others on the market. Thank you for a great product. --- Roger from Dowagiac, MI

Justin from KS

Rob from RI-target 1st.s

Justin from Dade City, FL took this KS buck with our Scorpion bullets and Crush Rib Sabot.


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