Harvester Muzzleloading offers a belted bullet and the new crush rib sabot that crushes the competition. Unlike the standard sabot on the market, the new crush rib sabot allows the shooter unparalleled accuracy, consistency and easy loading. We feel that this new sabot is the biggest breakthrough in muzzle loading since the 209 primer.

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Scorpion PT Gold
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Tony Cain


First Moose ever taken on the Rimouski Reserve (Quebec, Canada) with a muzzleloader.

Taken with the new 300 grain Scorpion PT Gold Bullet and 2 Triple Seven Magnum Pellets.

Tony Cain
New Scorpion PT Gold

Saber ToothCrush Rib Sabot
Saber Tooth BulletCrush Rib Sabot
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